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  • The first attempt of spiritual magic trip Bigu health The first attempt of spiritual magic trip Bigu health

    From ancient times to the present, they are extremely mysterious and little-known. Fasting, also called the valley, but Rift Valley, Hugh grain, grain, the vast vast Valley, bowel, that do not eat grains. There have been many records since ancient times. The earliest recorded the exact Changsha No. three Mawangdui, the Western Han Dynasty tomb unearthed silk "but" valley of fresh air, he is more than 3000 years ago, the famous health. The traditional Bigu art is mainly used to purify the body and mind, at a high level of practice, especially the Taoism alchemy needed before bigu. While the ordinary people for the fitness and health Bigu art can be used to develop, in addition to the subconscious and potential, its main effect is clean and purify the body, detoxification, clear body waste, from the whole automatic adjustment and repair improve body function, eliminate the hidden trouble of body and focus. In practical application, the effect of fasting can be summarized as follows:

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